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   Computers in Cardiology meeting
       Highlighting NASA Developed ECG technologies in September
Several new EC
G technologies to be showcased at C in C in Lyon, France
* Upcoming online web demonstration seminars in August and September *
   Recent Clinical Results
       HFQRS ECG Continues to Show Promising Clinical Results
Findings presented on ischemia detection vs MPI - ISCE Conference (April05)
and on detection of cardiomyopathy - ISHNE Conference (June05)
   ECG Centennial
       The first commercial ECG was produced 100 years ago !
On March 22, 2005 CardioSoft achieved the first electronic transmission of the HFQRS-ECG, commemorating Einthoven's first electronic transmission of the electrocardiogram a century earlier! ECG history

   CardioSoft Developing...Next-Generation Electrocardiogram
       Press Release about HFQRS and NASA license -  Feb 14 

   History of ECG: A 100-Year Timeline  pdf (2 pages)

Year-end Update  pdf