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Enhanced Cardiology Research and Development of Innovative Applications

Open-platform ECG system for research

This state-of-the-art,  computerized, 12-lead ecg system incorporates wideband, high sampling rate data acquisition with several advanced signal processing functions.  The system enables recording, analysis, display, and storage of high frequency ecg signals as well as conventional 12-lead resting and stress ecg of any duration.  The ENCARDIA™  ecg data recording system is dedicated to enabling sophisticated ecg analyses to be easilty performed, during real-time recording or in data playback mode.  Multiple real-time analyses may be run simultaneously.  The system interfaces via standard USB connection to a Windows® PC.  ENCARDIA provides cardiology researchers with novel and exciting investigational methods and is in current use by investigators and clinical partners at leading academic and research institutions in the U.S. and internationally.

Additional Enhanced Cardiology diagnostic applications now in development are also operable on the open platform.  Also, virtually any third-party ecg software application can be readily integrated and run in either real-time mode or in record once, analyse many fashion.  A Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for programmers who would like to integrate additional applications on the open platform.

The ENCARDIA™  system is also available for use by pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations conducting clinical trials and safety assessments for new drug development.

The system includes the following ecg applications:

  • HFQRS-ECG  -  High Frequency QRS Electrocardiograph
    A noninvasive system to identify myocardial ischemia with very high sensitivity.

Real-time wideband ischemia detection and monitoring
Uses standard 12-leads, multiple lead sets incl. Frank (X,Y,Z), Vector Cardiograms,
RAZ Score, Trend Analysis, Event Markers, Comparisons, Longtime Recording, Exports 
Includes high sampling rate, wideband (to 300 Hz) USB module and 12-lead cable
Upgrade options available for Pulse Oximetry and for complete Exercise Stress Testing

Additional features now in development are also included: 
Enhanced Signal Averaging Tools includes:
Principal Component Analysis,  Single Value Decomposition  and  Residua Analyses
   (for decomposed signal average ecg with ranked eigenvectors)

  • H-R-V ToolBox  -  Heart Rate Variability analysis suite
    State-of-art applications to measure heart rate variability and autonomic function.

Integrated with ECG system or standalone monitor
Sophisticated Time and Frequency Domain analysis package
Detrended Fluctuation, Approx Entropy, Poincaré
plots and much more...
Detailed trend analysis, PVC filtering and aberrant beat rejection
Standalone option using software interface for
Polar® and other monitors 

Additional features now in development are also included: 
Enhanced Variability Analysis includes:
BaroReflex Sensitivity,  Paced Breathing @0.1Hz  

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