CardioSoft® offers several highly configurable Windows® based electrocardiology products and systems to suit a variety of needs.

Our core technologies have shown promising results toward advancing cardiac medicine through electrocardiology.  Our products provide physicians with improved diagnostic accuracy and offer advantages over current ECG platforms (and other methods) for heart disease screening, risk assessment and ischemia detection.

We introduced the world's first Enhanced ECG  E-ECG, capable of applying multiple state-of-the-art advanced ECG analysis algorithms simultaneously, and now used for resting ECG-based heart disease screening (in family practice, internal medicine and sports medicine clinics) and for noninvasive risk stratification for arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death (in cardiology and electrophysiology clinics).

Our designs encompass a range of innovative products - from the compact, wideband 12-lead Enhanced ECG digital recorder and software for resting and exercise tests, to network and internet ready office, remote and home monitoring, to multi-bed critical care, ED and ICU electrocardiology enterprise systems. We also provide a sophisticated real-time heart rate variability application designed for Polar® heart rate monitors.

Our philosophy is simple - to improve lives by delivering the highest quality software-based ECG tools to health care providers and patients worldwide.

CardioSoft® is bringing you The Future of ECG today!